Taste of Heaven
Cakes & Soul Food
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About Us

PotsTaste of Heaven was the creation of Miss Tasha Miles owner and operator based out of New Castle, Delaware. She decided to expand her existing business by having a web site created for her "On The Go" version of soul food. Now Tasha's clients can view and order her tasty service Online. This helps to spread the word about her unique cuisine listed on her various menus. All you have to do is put your order in, pick it up and eat the most enjoyable food in the Delaware Valley. Be one of the first to order from her web site. A new way to enjoy great soul food when your on the go.

The food that Tasha prepares is not the usual soul food of the past. In that day we cared more about what just tasted good rather than what was tasty and healthy. Today with all the preservatives in food, it might be a great idea to try eating things that are more healthier to consume. This is reflected in the menus, recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods used at Taste of Heaven.