Taste of Heaven
Cakes & Soul Food
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Main Kitchen

Soul food represents both togetherness and family. It feels great making a soul food dinner for someone you love. However, in today’s times, we don't always have the pleasure of creating those special traditional dinners on a daily basis. Plus, when most people think of cooking, they realize that it’s not always possible to have the pleasure to make mealtime special with work, home and other obligations draining us. Soul Food takes time, care, and most importantly love to create an unforgettable meal.

That's why we feel you should get back to the tradition without all the hassle. When it's done here, you will know some time, effort and love went into preparing your platter. The creativity of the menus of our kitchen is one of the things that keep the customers coming back for more. It is our innovativeness, while we are prepping and cooking the food that sustains the soul food tradition. So when you take that first glorious bite, you can say you've had a Taste of Heaven.


We hope that you will take the time to view our menus and order your own Taste of Heaven. If you think it's “all that” or “off the chain” please don't hesitate to tell someone else about us so they can get their own Taste of Heaven! Thank you for visiting our website and have a heavenly day.